1. Daryl Dixon portrait. Time-lapse video to follow.


  3. Peggy Olson.

  4. I wasn’t happy with the colour job on the Hannibal piece last week so I’ve spent the last few days giving it a proper paint job. Here’s the result. Drawn in ArtRage 3.

    Time-lapse will be on my YouTube channel soon. 

  5. Time-lapse sketch of Mads Mikkelsen as Hannibal Lecter.


  6. Robin Williams Sketch finished

    I decided to work up the sketch from the previous time-lapse video into a full illustration. As previously stated, my experience of Mork and Mindy as a kid was mostly from watching it on a tiny black and white television in our spare room and so I wanted it to look “old” and grainy, to match. I’m happier with it now that I’ve added a few additional touches. 

    Robin Willia

  7. LIVE DRAWING - Robin Williams Sketch as Mork


  8. Super Arkham Bros

    The bastard son of two of my favourite video games. As always with old artwork, I can see a million ways that I’ve have done this differently now but it still has its charm.


  9. Professional Work - 2012/2013

    Here’s a taste of my illustration work from the last few years.

    I’m unsure of what I want to do with my career, in terms of direction. Educational Illustration can be a little uninspiring (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve drawn some variation of people queuing in a cafe and ordering food), but it also pays enough to be able to play around with my own projects on the side, rather than having to get a part-time job. I’d love to do comics full-time, but I don’t want to beat all of the fun out of it by making it a job rather than a hobby. Children’s Books would perhaps allow me enough creative freedom to experiment, but I don’t really have a style down yet. 

    I guess the perfect mix would be between inspiring and uninspiring because, as bored as I get with the bread-and-butter of my Educational Illustration commissions, the autopilot it allows me to go into (relatively speaking) does allow you to recharge and have fun experimenting with all the stuff that isn’t being paid for.


  10. Retro Dwarf. Finished. (kind of)

    EDIT: I’ve updated this post four times since posting the original “finished” piece. That’s the advantage of actually working to a deadline - it kills the possibility of endless tweaking*. I’m a lot happier with what is CURRENTLY the most recent version, though, so take it in while it lasts!


    Well, I’ll be back to the less inspiring professional work tomorrow which doesn’t stimulate my creativity by even the tiniest bit of a similar amount. But drawing the Red Dwarf posse has helped me through a particularly rough Bipolar episode this week. It’s been fun, guys - until the next time I want to test a new style on you… View progress pictures and more on the updated original blog. 

    * Lesson of the day: it’s impossible to reference “endless tweaking” on social media without a hundred fuckers joking that they thought you said endless twerking. Welcome to 2014, people, it’s all downhill from here.